Policy Work

I remain committed to integrating engaged scholarship and my conceptual pursuits, and as such, regularly conduct and publish policy relevant analysis. I have done policy-related work for the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, the World Bank, the US State Department, the US Government Accountability Office, UNCTAD and multiple environmental NGOs. Here is a selected list of sample works:

2009-present. Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency Trade and Industry News. Bi-monthly publication on trends in international trade in fish and fisheries products. Available at: http://www.ffa.int/trade_news (written with L. Campling, A. Hamilton, M. McCoy)

Campling, L. and E. Havice. 2016. Small Vulnerable Economies and Fisheries Subsidies Disciplines: Issues, Debates and Alliances. Report Prepared for the Commonwealth Secretariat. March 2017.

Havice, E. 2016. ‘The Vessel Day Scheme: Rights-based Management and Economic and Environmental Change in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean Tuna Fishery’, in Effort Rights in Fisheries Management: General Principles and Case Studies from Around the World, Squires, D., M. Maunder, N. Vestergaard, V. Restrepo, R. Metzner, S. Herrick Jr., R. Hannesson, I. del Valle, P. Andersen (eds). FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Proceedings No. 34. Rome: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Havice, E. and M. McCoy. 2016. Mapping the South Pacific Longline Value Chain: Brief for EDF. San Francisco, Environmental Defense Fund.

Campling, L. and E. Havice. 2016. ‘Fisheries Subsidies, Development and the Global Trade Regime’, UNCTAD Trade and Environment Review: Fish Trade. Pp 70-78. Rome: United Nations.

Campling, L. and E. Havice. 2015. Fisheries Subsidies in the WTO: Brief for Pacific Island Forum Countries. Honiara, Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency.

Havice, E., L. Campling, M. A. McCoy and A. Lewis. 2014. Pacific Island Countries and United States of America Development-Oriented Trade and Investment Study: Fisheries Component. Suva: Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat.

Hamilton, A., A. Lewis, M. A. McCoy, E. Havice, L. Campling. 2011. Impact of Industry and Market Drivers on the Global Tuna Supply Chain. Honiara, Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency.

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Havice, E. 2007. The State of Play of Access Agreements with Distant Water Fishing Partners: Implications and Options for Pacific Island Countries. Honiara, Forum Fisheries Agency.

Campling, L., E. Havice and D. Primack. 2007. FFA Fisheries Trade Studies National Briefing Paper: Trade Related Aspects of Tuna Industry Development in Papua New Guinea. Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency.

Deere, C. and E. Havice. 2006. Fisheries, International Trade and Sustainable Development: Policy Discussion Paper. International Trade and Sustainable Development Series, Geneva, International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development.