Thanks for visiting my website. My research examines intersections among political economy, environmental politics, critical development studies, and science studies, and it is within these subfields that I make an impact on interdisciplinary and international scholarship and policy. I use the lens of governance to explore what drives distributional outcomes in the global economy and in the face of environmental change. My research program focuses on the political economy and geopolitics of governance, with emphasis in the areas of marine spaces and resources, food systems and global value chain analysis. I have complemented these areas with a research program on the intersection of the data science revolution and oceans governance. My interdisciplinary approach and collaborations with political economists, economists, legal scholars, geospatial scientists and ecologists enable me to broaden the scope of data collection and analysis, widen target audiences and build credibility with policy makers, industry groups, scientists and conservationists.

Interest areas: agrarian studies, coastal and marine governance, commodity studies, corporate power, environmental politics, global value chain analysis, international development, natural resources, political economy, political ecology, property, resource geography, science studies