Thanks for visiting my website. I am an economic and environmental geographer with interests that draw together political economy, development studies and environmental politics. Most broadly, I am interested in the governance of multi-scalar intersections among states, firms, non-governmental organizations and nature in the global economy. To understand these intersections, I study a range of governance structures including global value chains, economic policy, the law, resource management institutions, resource extraction practices and conservation efforts. Many of my projects take marine resources and marine spaces as a lens because their significance in geopolitics, international trade, food production and food security, and social processes that underlie their production (e.g. property relations, labor relations, conservation and management) enable me to explore the interplay between the economy and the environment at and between multiple scales and sites. This includes, for example, sites at sea, international policy organizations, inside of processing plants and in consumer markets.

Interest areas: agrarian studies, coastal and marine governance, commodity studies, corporate power, environmental politics, global value chain analysis, international development, natural resources, political economy, political ecology, property, science studies